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How can one gain weight?

How can one gain weight?

To maintain weight, we should maintain healthy food habits and we should increase the weight from the diet itself instead of depending on the medicines. Firstly, we need to make changes in our diet. Proper diet is necessary and exercising is very important. To increase weight, we should consume good fat and take high protein diet.

Eggs are a very good source of protein and more than that eggs are high in cholesterol. They are the best food to consume when it comes to gaining weight.

First Meal of the Day

We should eat 2 bananas of the morning and eat 5-6 almonds with it. And then have a healthy morning meal and should never skip breakfast. Breakfast is very important meal. We should take good fat in foods like flax seed, this can be consumed in form of soaked seeds or in roasted form, in salad or with milk, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed soaked one can use in the diet.

One can take paneer sandwich in the breakfast and along with one glass of milk and paneer is also a source of protein or can have egg bread omelette or 2- 4 boiled egg white. You can also eat besan chilla. You can have peppermint chutney with besan chilla. To make besan chilla, you need gram flour and you can put vegetables in it.

Rest of the Day

We should drink milk 3 times a day. You can put almonds in it or put raisin in it. Non vegetarian foods can be grilled or boiled. You can take potatoes, can also make potato chart or salad. You can put in flax seeds and paneer.

Soyabeans is also good source of protein. It is high in fiber, low in saturated fat, a good source of omega -3 fatty acids and cholesterol free.

In these days of hot weather,one of the best things to drink is butter milk and one can put cumin seeds in it, which will help in digestion too.

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