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How do you know if your baby is dehydrated?

How do you know if your baby is dehydrated?

by: Dr. Mukesh Kumar
Consultant Paediatrician

Dehydration in babies can occur when the amount of intake of fluids is less than the amount of fluids going out from the body. Human body consists of around 75% of liquid and so due to the lack of liquid in the body can cause a major problem in the functions of the body. In some cases, the babies lose a large amount of water and salts. This usually occurs when the baby is suffering from diarrhea, fever, vomiting or exercising for long period and sweating a lot. There are certain types of illness that make difficult for babies to drink the liquid. And when the lost fluids are not replaced in the body of the baby then the baby becomes dehydrated.

Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration in Babies:

One can easily detect the signs of dehydration by the decrease in the number of wet diapers than usual days. If the baby pees normally for three to four times in a day, but has not peed or has peed once in the bedtime, then the baby is dehydrated. As dehydration affects the entire body of the baby, so you should watch the activities of your baby. When the baby is dehydrated then the baby tends to sleep a lot, does not smile or least interested in playing. But, if the baby is playful and babbling around and is active, then these are the signs that the baby is not dehydrated.

Keep a check on the eyes, mouth, and tongue of the baby:

Do check the eyes, mouth, and tongue of your baby. If the baby is dehydrated then his or her tongue and mouth will look dry and eyes may appear sunken. Sometimes when the baby will cry when dehydrated then there will be no tears, this is a sign of severe dehydration.

Doctors easily identify if the baby is dehydrated or not based on the symptoms of the baby. Also, the doctor suggests some test in order to confirm the cause of dehydration and to suggest the plan of treatment for dehydration. As dehydration jumbles the chloride, potassium, and sodium of the baby, so your baby may need medications and IV fluids to regularise the salt imbalances.

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