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How does Lamaze support Natural Birth?

How does Lamaze support Natural Birth?

by: Dr. Monica Agarwal
Sr. Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology - Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Lamaze is a technique of breathing, relaxation and various other methods used during labor. It was founded by Dr. Fernand Lamaze in France during the 1940’s. It is a whole philosophy which also involves continuous labor support to the mother in form of doulas.

Birth is a normal, natural and healthy process. Birthing experience affects the women and their families in an irreversible manner. Women are encouraged to use their own inner wisdom and are made confident about the whole phenomenon.

Principles associated with Lamaze – Pregnancy Guidance Training:

  • Labour is allowed to begin on its own
  • Freedom of movement during labor is there
  • Continuous support to the birthing mother
  • No routine interventions unless extremely necessary
  • Spontaneous pushing is encouraged
  • No separation of the mother and baby after birth so that the baby gets ample opportunity for breastfeeding

This converts a very scary idea of the baby passing through the birth canal to a very normal one by repeated reinforcements and improving the confidence of the mother. It teaches about various labor positions, breathing techniques, massage techniques, relaxation etc to the parents. Spouse involvement is encouraged at each and every step. Both partners attend together creating a bond not only during labor but afterward also during baby care also. Father is an active member and not only passively sitting outside confused what to do.

Benefits of massage in form of comfort, relaxation and pain relief are taught to the partner.

Important aspects associated with Lamaze Training:

  • Communication with the health care personnel and formulating a birthing plan is encouraged. Breathing is an integral aspect of labor. The correct technique allows the mother to bear pains effectively, push effectively and also provides adequate oxygenation to the baby.
  • Tips on baby care are also given to both parents.
  • Pain relief options including epidural are discussed.
  • Though birthing is a totally natural process, over the years it has become very scary and gross phenomenon for the expecting parents filled with enigma about the whole thing.
  • Lamaze is all about guiding and educating them like elders used to do in joint families in earlier times and allay all fears in the young minds.
  • Preparation of normal delivery begins in pregnancy itself and Lamaze is support and preparation for the same so that you are ready to embrace parenthood with aplomb in the most natural way.
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