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How Much Weight Should I be Putting in Pregnancy?

How Much Weight Should I be Putting in Pregnancy?

For most women, the weight gained during pregnancy is linked to their pre-pregnancy ‘body mass index’ or BMI. In your second trimester, you need about 340 extra calories a day and 450 extra calories daily in the third trimester. Hence these requirements can make you put on weight. Being aware about your body is important.

Watch your weight and plan your diet accordingly:

Before pregnancy, if your weight was in the normal range, then you shouldn’t gain more than 9-11 kgs. In your first trimester, you will only gain around 1- 2 kg and in fact some women may even lose weight because of their morning sickness. So most of the weight gain will happen in the second half of your pregnancy. “On average, most women gain around ½ kg per week once their second trimester. The weight you gain during pregnancy comes from your baby and the surrounding fluid, the placenta, an increase in your blood volume, and of course from the fat you gain.

As a pregnant woman gain an average of 12 kg (8-16 kg), account for the baby’s weight, amniotic fluids, retention fluid accompanying pregnancy.

Keep a check on your diet:

For healthy weight gain during pregnancy, women must remember not to eat for two. On average, pregnant women need to add just 300 extra calories from healthy grains and fats to their daily diets. “You need to eat food rich in the right nutrients”.

  • In the first trimester, you do not need to gain much weight. The first three months of pregnancy, women should gain only 1-2kg, regardless of their pre-pregnancy BMIs.
  • Second and third trimester should have steady weight gain is important for baby’s development, about 1–2 kg/month.
  • With much weight gain women may have problems of their backbone and much. Complications such as high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, fatigue, delivery complications due to increased fetus weight and less milk secretion due to the high storage of fat tissues around the milk glands.
  • Pregnant woman should keep in mind that when they gain excess weight, they will find it difficult to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight.
  • Making sure you have a well-rounded diet is really important during your pregnancy. Eating healthy meals will allow you to gain the weight you need to provide crucial nourishment for your child.
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