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How to keep your baby healthy during summer

How to keep your baby healthy during summer

by: Dr. Mukesh Kumar
Consultant Paediatrician

Summer is the most difficult month when it comes to babies. During summer season baby becomes irritable due to excessive heat and dehydration. So, it’s essential to keep them hydrated by giving extra fluids during summer.

Babies younger than 6 months, who are on exclusive breastfeed are not required to be given additional feed/fluid.  But for those who are not on breastfeed, it is important that they have essential fluids as they are more prone to get ill.

Room Temperature

Room temperature should be kept comfortable (around 25*c) for babies as they also feel heat just like adults and can lose water through sweating and insensible water loss. Sometime smaller kids become febrile due to higher room temperature during summer. It is important that favorable temperature is maintained.

When kids have to venture out, switch off AC and let them out in a few minutes to save them from getting ill. Temperature adjustments are usually not done leading to more kids facing health issues. Also make sure kids are not outdoor during the noon time as the heat is at its peak at that time.

Keep at bay from infections

Children have greater chances of bacterial infection during summer, specially diarrhoea and vomiting due to contamination of food or drinks. So, it is better to avoid outdoor eating, especially street foods as the contamination is spread maximum through these foods as they are not hygiene-friendly. More intake of home-based fruit and vegetables as well as fruit juice should keep baby hydrated and healthy.

Insect bites are also increased during summer season due to more exposed body parts and growth of mosquitoes after rain.

Protection from insects by using full sleeve clothing, repellent cream, net in windows and bed can protect from diseases spread by insects. It is important that the surroundings are kept clean and proper hygiene is maintained to ensure that the babies stay hale and hearty.

If baby stops eating, feels feverish, turns pale or is inactive, you should not ignore the signs and visit the paediatrician. Never take anything lightly especially when it comes to babies.

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