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How to reduce Labour pain?

How to reduce Labour pain?

by: Dr. Surinder Kaur Gambhir
Sr. Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Labour Pain is regarded as the most painful experience in a woman’s life. It takes a lot of effort and patience. Due to the same, it is often a cause of apprehension and worries in the minds of the pregnant women. To reduce the labor pains it is essential that you follow the recommendations of the doctors. Opting for certain activities can ensure that you feel a bit easy during birthing. Please also discuss the possibility of painless delivery with your doctor.

Effective ways to reduce labor pain:

  • Relaxation: Relaxation is the most important thing which pregnant women do to reduce labor pains. Because during when the pains occur you tend to tense up, which even makes the pain worse. So, it is recommended you to relax more and more.
  • Massage: Massage helps to relieve your pain at the time of labor. You partner can rub your back or feet or by massaging your hands or temples are give you relief and relax you more at the time of labor. It also makes you feel cared at that time which helps you to boost your morale. You should always start with a slow-motion massage.
  • Breathing: In order to stay relaxed, it is very important for you to breathe properly and pay attention to your breathing, as it is done when you are doing weightlifting. As you focus on your breathing and while doing that you will find some relief from the labor pains. Always maintain good breathing rhythm. You should not worry about how long you are breathing or for how long you are breathing.
  • Moving Around: Swaying, walking, changing positions or rolling on the birth ball can help to ease the labor pain but also can help labor progress by using a force of gravity to your advantage. This encourages the movement and rotation of baby down through the pelvic canal.
  • Water Therapy: Warm water helps to reduce the labor pains. Warm water not only keeps you relaxed but also it will message you too. You can even use hot water bag to ease your backaches, labor pains and limbs pain.
  • Pain Medication: Epidural – Now a day’s epidural anesthesia is used during delivery. Epidural helps to relieve the pain by about 70%. Soon after the epidural women does not feel that much labor pain. Epidurals are really effective but usually, it takes about 10 to 25 minutes to work.

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