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The Importance of Regular Gynaecological Exams

The Importance of Regular Gynaecological Exams

A woman is often a multitasker, being a wife, mother, daughter, daughter in law all at the same time. For those who are working women, finding time for oneself becomes all the more difficult .In a nutshell she is expected by our society to be a superwoman.  Some problems may silently creep up and she may just take it as normal fatigue symptoms/ or be ignored due to paucity of time. These problems can often be ignored and can turn into full blown and often irreversible diseases. Moreover women have the habit of putting family and children first before themselves.

Know which parts to care for :

The good part is that the two most commonly affected organs in the ladies ie breast and cervix can be easily screened and any problem can detected early and easily by the gynaecologist. Ultrasound of rest of the reproductive system often gives a clue to any underlying problem.

Issues that women face in their life time:

There are different problems in different phases of her life.

  • Health issues in 20’s and 30’s: In the twenties and thirties the woman is into career motherhood and social commitments. Her health should not limit her career. At this age there are many reproductive issues too. A health package will ensure healthy mental and physical state because health should not become a limiting factor for her to conquer her dreams.
  • Heath issues in 40’s: The forties beckons a start of midlife and is often associated with hormonal changes/ weight issues mood changes and is the transitory phase towards menopause. Here we need to focus on a woman’s general health, ideal body weight management and peri menopausal issues.
  • Heath issues in 50’s: In the fifties and beyond she is well into her menopause. Due to lack of the hormones changes start to occur in her bones and she may suffer from hot flushes. Moreover gynaecological problems prolapsed uterus and urinary symptoms can be troublesome.

Diseases and issues that affect women:

Breast and cervical cancers are two leading causes of death amongst female. Luckily good screening tests (mammography & pap smears) are available for the same.

It’s the women who have varied hormonal changes in various phases of life (menstruation/pregnancy/lactation/ menopause). Any imbalance in the fine tuning of the hormones can manifest as diseases in addition to the diseases common to both men and women. So health check is all the more important.

 It is rightly said that a stitch in time saves nine and prevention is better than cure! Visiting a doctor for preventive health check is just as important as visiting a beauty parlour/ gym for beauty/ fitness. Your doctor can help you to stay healthy .Ask for a preventive health package! It will be tailor made for your age/ requirements.

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