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Is Oral Rehydration Solution safe for everyone?

Is Oral Rehydration Solution safe for everyone?

by: Dr. Ashish Kumar Arora
Consultant- Internal Medicine and Critical Care Medicine

If dehydration is not treated properly at the right time it can turn fatal. ORS (Oral rehydration solutions) is safe and is used to treat a patient who is suffering from diarrhea. Children need the same kind of care in dehydration that adults receive. Though children must be treated immediately as they become dehydrated more quickly. It is always advised to give ORS to the person who is suffering from viral fevers, dengue, and malaria. As compared to other fluids the ratio of the ingredients present in ORS matches easily with the requirement of the body which needs to get recovered from the diarrheal illness.

Ingredients of ORS:

  • Clean boiled water
  • Electrolytes which are also known as salts, which are present in the body and are the chemicals required by body for proper functioning
  • Carbohydrate in the form of sugar

What does the Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) do?

ORS works by replenishing the body reserves with important salts and water that get lost through vomiting and diarrheas. ORS should be avoided by patients who are suffering from chronic heart conditions. This solution is given to regain the water content in the dehydrated body. Excess of water can cause pressure in the blood vessels making heart pump harder in order to circulate blood in the body. This may create unnecessary pressure on the heart which can worsen the existing heart conditions.

Who should not be given the Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS)?

ORS should not be given to a person with suffering from kidney disorders or renal failure. This is because it becomes more difficult for the body to excrete the salts out of the body system. Also, this can lead to the building up of electrolytes in the body which can create more health problems.

ORS if taken on a daily basis, can affect the normal sodium balance in the body which can lead to malfunctioning of our body system up to the certain extent.

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