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Is organic milk better or Is soy-milk a safer alternative? What about other dairy products?

Is organic milk better or Is soy-milk a safer alternative? What about other dairy products?

Buying milk at the market used to be an easy proposition: Your choice was whole, low-fat or skim, all of it from cows. But in the past decade, the dairy case has exploded with a wide range of plant-based milks, among them soy, almond, cashew, coconut, rice, hemp — even a yellow split pea milk, introduced last year. Milk itself comes in varied variety from fat free to whole organic and lactose free. Like any junk food, moderation is a key.

Benefits of opting for Cow’s Milk:

  • Best source of vitamins: Cow’s milk is a better source of calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C, while soy milk wins in the vitamin D and iron categories.
  • High on calcium and helps your calorie intake: Calorie content varies between brands. Beyond being easier to chug than chicken, that glass of milk also provides 28 percent of your daily value of calcium and 31 percent of your immunity-boosting, inflammation-reducing vitamin D.
  • Helps build on the key nutrients: Drinking a glass or two of milk a day is an easy way to swallow key nutrients, such as vitamin D and especially calcium. And sure, cow’s milk also contains sugar, but it’s in the form of lactose, which may not drive up your blood sugar as quickly as sucrose—the kind you’re likely to ingest in processed goods like nut milks.

Benefits of opting for Soy Milk:

  • High in protein – Soy milk has the most protein of all the nondairy options–about 7 grams per 80-calorie cup.
  • Fights cancer – It also has cancer-fighting properties; its isoflavones may lower cancer cell growth.
  • Helps your hormones- Soy contains phytoestrogens, plant-based hormones that may, in excess, lead to dips in testosterone

Cow milk vs Soy Milk:

  • Cow milk contains casein and whey protein, both great for building muscles. While whey protein is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, casein is digested more slowly and provides the body with protein for a longer period of time, together providing a mean one-two protein punch.
  • Soy-milk however contains only soy protein, since it’s made by processing soya beans. Soy protein has been found to reduce LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol. Both options have their benefits— and their dangers.
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