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Is there any Specific Medicine or Treatment for Infertility?

Is there any Specific Medicine or Treatment for Infertility?

by: Dr. Monica Agarwal
Sr. Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology - Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Yes, there are specific medicines to help a patient with infertility and help them conceive. In women who have improper or no egg formation, their main use is to cause formation and growth of the egg. These are generally taken for about 5 days soon after the start of the menstrual cycle. They are started at low doses and then increased in strength till the egg formation is happening well. They may be combined with Artificial Insemination (IUI) to increase the chances of conceiving. There may be multiple pregnancy, most commonly twins, in about 10% of women who conceive on these medicines. Triplets may happen too, but are rare. In about 10% of the patients the eggs may get over-stimulated, grow uncontrollably large and cause problems which may get serious. Therefore it is wiser to start with lower doses to check your sensitivity to these medicines. It may be wise to limit usage of these medicines to not more than 12 cycles as they may be associated with long term problems in the ovaries at an older age. If you do not conceive within one year, it may be best not to drag on with these medicines but to shift to hormonal treatments of infertility.


There are other medicines used in the treatment of infertility too. Sometimes the hormone Prolactin may be high. High Prolactin does not allow you to conceive but medicines used to decrease these levels help fertility. Medicines that change your metabolism and your sugar levels also improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

Surgical treatment of infertility has a very important role to play. Conditions like fibroids, endometriosis, poly cystic ovaries, ovarian cysts, blocked tubes may require laparoscopic treatment before you can conceive. In case of problems inside the uterus like fibroids, polyps, septum, adhesions, foreign bodies, tubes blocked at attachment to the uterus may require expert hysteroscopic surgery for you to be able to conceive. Combined Hysteroscopy-Laparoscopy is established management of all cases of infertility especially when no cause can be found.

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