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Is there any way to prevent hepatitis A infection?

Is there any way to prevent hepatitis A infection?

by: Dr. Ashish Kumar Arora
Consultant- Internal Medicine and Critical Care Medicine

The most effective way to prevent hepatitis A is to get vaccinated. Kids should get the vaccination around their first birthday.  You can contract hepatitis A if you eat food or drink water which contains hepatitis A virus in it. Hepatitis A also gets spread if you come in close contact with people who are suffering from hepatitis A or have a sexual relationship with an infected person.

Vaccinations for Hepatitis A:

Two types of vaccines are available – Vaqta and Havrix. Both of them require two injections which need to be administered within six months of gap. A combined vaccine is also available for HAV and HBV virus named Twinrix.

Who should get the Hepatitis A Vaccination?

Hepatitis A vaccination is recommended for people in the following circumstances:

  • Children and adults who are traveling to countries with high prevalence of hepatitis A
  • A person who has come in direct contact with a person who is infected with hepatitis A
  • A person who is using street drugs
  • A person suffering from chronic liver diseases like hepatitis B and hepatitis C
  • Males who develop sexual relations with males
  • Children and adolescents who get vaccinated in routine because of the high disease rate
  • People who are getting treated with clotting factor drugs

Are there any side effects of Hepatitis A Vaccination?

Hepatitis vaccine is very effective. It is observed that more than 99% of people who get them vaccinated with hepatitis A vaccine develop immunity against the hepatitis A virus and never gets hepatitis A virus when exposed to it. There is a side effect of hepatitis A vaccination, soreness occurs at the injection site and has mild flu-like symptoms.

Prevention against Hepatitis A:

In case you are not vaccinated against hepatitis A virus then following are few measures that can help you to prevent hepatitis A infection:

  • Do not eat undercooked or raw shellfish
  • Always wash your hands properly with soap and water after using the bathroom or after changing the diaper, before preparing meal or food and before eating food
  • Do not use water which is contaminated with fecal matter

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