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Joint pain during Pregnancy

Joint pain during Pregnancy

by: Dr. Pooja Mehta
Sr. Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology

During pregnancy, there are many changes that occur in your body. Due to these normal physical changes, it is common to experience increased joint and muscle pain. Increased weight puts pressure on the knees and may exacerbate knee pain. Arthritis is a condition in which the joints become inflamed and some women may find their arthritis becomes worse during pregnancy; however, others may experience less severe symptoms.

Joint Pains due to change in Hormones:

During pregnancy, your body releases a relaxin hormone which relaxes or loosens your joints. This makes your pelvis and rib cage more flexible so that they can accommodate your growing uterus. But it also impacts other joints which can actually make you more prone to injury. Your joints will stay loose for 4-8 weeks following delivery.

Joint Pains due to excess weight gain in Pregnancy:

  • Pregnancy weight gain itself can put a strain on your joints (knees and heels in particular) and make them hurt especially if it’s your first baby.
  • Also, gaining water weight may increase stiffness in the feet, hips, knees, and ankles. Water weight gain may also worsen carpal tunnel syndrome, which is also common in pregnancy and it causes pain and tingling in the fingers.
  • Fluid gain, in addition to the weight gain, can cause increased pressure at the wrist, triggering pain in your wrist and hands.
  • Consult your doctor if your joint pain becomes worse or if you experience tingling and/or numbness in your hands or feet.

Joint Pain due to Thyroid issue:

Joint pain can be a symptom of hypothyroidism. When caught early, hypothyroidism usually doesn’t cause any complications. A lot of women with hypothyroidism deliver healthy babies every day. We just have to be sure that their levels are checked and that they’re on supplementation throughout the pregnancy.

Ways to overcome Joint Pains:

  • There are various natural methods to overcome the joint pain. Regular exercise improves range of motion and can help keep your joints flexible.
  • Low impact exercise, such as walking and swimming, is gentler on the joints. Hot and cold packs can be used along with the hot water bathing. This technique gives soothing effect to the entire joint and relaxes the muscles as well.
  • Massage therapy is also very useful to treat joint pain and stiffness, as well as improve range of motion and walking.

Along with all these remedies take proper rest and sleep, avoid heels and poor postures. Keeping these remedies in mind one can easily win over the joint pain during pregnancy.

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