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Keep your Heart & Diet Healthy in Pregnancy

Keep your Heart & Diet Healthy in Pregnancy

A healthy heart is a result of good genes, regular physical activity, making the right food choices and knowing how to deal with stress. While you cannot do much about the genes, you can eat right and exercise. Here are some healthy heart tips that every pregnant woman has to adhere to, since this period is a time of high stress, pampering and a situation that gives you a license to binge at junk food items.

  • Maintain a healthy body weight: Get a personalized diet plan from a dietician who will take into account your lifestyle, gynecology history and eating habits. The plan shall help you conduct yourself and not put on too much during pregnancy.
  • Limit your food high in sugar: Desserts, sweetened drinks including fruits and juices and high calorie sugar snacks are loaded with calories, which come from fat and sugar. Fat clogs the arteries and the combined calories will only pile on extra weight. Also it is important to restrict salt to the minimum. Think before you start chugging on the panjiris and pinni’s.
  • Keep total cholesterol and saturated fat low: All diary and animal products like butter, cheese, whole milk, red meat and organ meat with the exception of fish are high in cholesterol. Stick to white meat and vegetable oils, which are heart and baby friendly.

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  • Be active: To raise your good cholesterol levels (HDL), increase physical activity, smoking is a big no, quit it immediately and ensure that you don’t do passive smoking also.
  • Eat a diet rich in fiber: Fruits vegetables, sprouts and whole grains are good sources and they not only scavenge the cholesterol, but keep diabetes and hypertension under control.
  • Avoid food containing trans- fat: They are found in ready to eat and commercially prepared fast food.
  • Include Omega 3 fatty acids: Good sources are fishes like – Mackrel, Salmon, Tuna and Sardines. Other good sources are soya bean, flax and canola oil.

A good nutritional assessment is important to ensure that you are eating the right food and not just loading your body with extra body fat.

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