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What are Lamaze prenatal classes?

What are Lamaze prenatal classes?

by: Dr. Shilva
Sr. Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Lamaze method was developed by French obstetrician Dr. Lamaze. The earlier focus was on using controlled breathing techniques to cope with labour pains but now a day’s Lamaze classes have expanded and also include methods of pain relief and labour management.

The goal of Lamaze prenatal classes is to increase the mother’s confidence about natural childbirth. Lamaze classes help the pregnant lady to cope with labour pains in the ways that both facilitate labour and increase comfort.

Lamaze philosophy of birth specifies that birth is natural, normal and healthy. Lamaze also educates pregnant women about the chances of interventions (if needed) and the need of pain relief. Pregnant women are advised to start Lamaze class near the start of the seventh month of pregnancy.

Aspects covered by Lamaze Classes:

Lamaze class covers following components:

  • Physiology of normal labour and birth (using videos of real births).
  • How to be active during labour.
  • Focused breathing techniques for labour.
  • Relaxation techniques to help coping with labour pains such as massage, walking, position changes and hydrotherapy.
  • Tips to help your partner to support you during labour.
  • To educate women about the complications that could arise during labour and birth.
  • Epidural and analgesia and other pain relief medications.
  • Keep mother and baby together and early initiation of breast feeding.

Benefits of attending a Lamaze Class:

Lamaze classes are given over a period of six to eight weeks. Pregnant female can attend class with their partner:

  • You are encouraged to share your thoughts fears about labour pains.
  • Your partner is encouraged to massage your back and to breathe with you. Touch relaxation is a technique that will help you to cope with labour pains; you are encouraged to relax each muscle when your partner touches it.
  • Some females feel labour pains at back, squatting or birthing ball will help in easing their discomfort. Hot pack or an ice pack can also be helpful.
  • A little preparation can help you to be confident and positive fear free experience of child birth.
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