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Lamaze Session

Gone are the days when the mom in laws used to spend time, energy and bestow their valuable advice on the expecting daughter in law. They would religiously share their experience of childbirth. Even though not very accurately it would form a platform for the would be mothers to tolerate labour pains in an order to bring the new being in this world. However with the increasing number of nuclear families and dwindling number of families putting in their efforts on their families, the expecting mothers are on the lookout for specialised advice. Such situations makes the need of ante natal classes and Lamaze sessions important and necessary.

Lamaze Class : What is the aim ?

The aim of a Lamaze session is to:

  • Enrich your knowledge about the birthing process especially its duration and easy techniques to cope up with it.
  • Certain postures and exercises that may help in easy birthing.
  • Allay the myths associated with dietary requirement in labour pains.
  • Be prepared and not panic in case an instrumental or caesarean delivery is required.
  • Gain a basic understanding of complications that can occur so that if faced with such situations doctors and patients can work like a team for best outcome.

Lamaze session exactly consists of following:

  • A detailed description of both labour and delivery vaginal, instrumental and abdominal by gynaecologist
  • Physiotherapy session as posture and relaxation in the latent phase and active bearing down in the second stage is the key to normal vaginal delivery.
  • A dietary counselling as diet plan currently is not about dry fruits and ‘sewian’ in labour pains but semisolids and plenty of liquids.

Lamaze Session Details on Labour Pain & Its Stages:

Coming to the details of labour is just simply a process by which a fetus and products of conception (placenta) are expelled by the uterus in a stepwise manner. It doesn’t occur with a bang but is a slow and steady process. We need to differentiate true labour pain from false labour pains. Onset of labour pains is mashed by intermittent, painful, contractions of abdomen every 3 to 10 minutes. It may be accompanied by discharge or leakage of clear fluid per vagina. The second phases involved are latent and active. Latent phase may last for 12-24 hours or causes thinning of cervix (mouth of uterus) and opening of cervix to about 3 cm.

Once it opens up to 3 cm, the pains are quicker, stronger and usually associated with leakage of clear fluid and may last for 2-8 hours. Finally when the mouth of uterus is open by about 10 cm (diameter of fetal head) bearing down sensation, urge to defecate is there. This the second stage whereby pushing efforts by the mother and episiotomy (small cut in maternal perineum) finally results in expulsion of fetus. In case the process is slow or any complication like fetal distress occurs, we may resort to emergency caesarean section or instrumental delivery. Details of which and also the painless delivery are fully explained in our Lamaze session.

So the unending fears, the queries, the myths, the beliefs are all sorted out, besides instilling confidence as to embark upon your first journey to motherhood by a comprehensive Lamaze session.

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