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How Lamaze supports natural birth?

How Lamaze supports natural birth?

by: Dr. Monica Agarwal
Sr. Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology - Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Lamaze technique is a childbirth technique developed by a French doctor Dr. Fernand Lamaze as an alternative to the use of medical intervention in birth of a baby. It was designed in the 1940’s but now has come a long way with lot of scientific changes and elaboration. It involves lots of breathing and relaxation techniques which teach the mother ways to reduce pain and promote a natural birth. Since its inception it has expanded a lot to include many more tips to help mother cope with labour and delivery.

The main aim is to increase the confidence of the mother in her ability to deal with the entire elusive phenomenon and also breastfeed, take care of her newborn with aplomb. Usually it begins in the 7th month or 28- 30 weeks of pregnancy. It consists of 10- 12 hours of classes with limited number of couples so that the instructions are clearly understood.


Information provided during a Lamaze Class:

  • Process of labour and birth
  • Relaxation techniques during labour
  • Deep breathing techniques
  • Use of birthing balls
  • Massage of birthing mother
  • Walking during labour
  • Change of positions
  • Use of imagery
  • Positive self talk
  • Chanting
  • Involvement of spouse for support
  • Friend, loved one or any other lady ( doula) to constantly support the birthing mother
  • Pain management with epidural and other methods
  • Early interaction with baby
  • Early initiation of breastfeeding

Specialised techniques noted in Lamaze class:

  • Birthing balls: Special mention of birthing ball needs to be explained here. It is a special ball which can be used in the later months to strengthen leg and back muscles. It encourages the mother to stay active during labour and use gravity to advantage and ease the baby out. The mother is allowed to follow her urges to push.
  • Gives Confidence: It is not just a technique but an approach towards pregnancy and delivery. Approach of confidence and being in control, taking active decisions at each and every step to ensure a safe and healthy outcome.
  • Gives women a platform to bond & cope with their apprehensions : Lamaze helps women develop simple skills, trust their bodies and let nature to do the trick. Basic interventions like walking, squatting, changing positions help a lot. Women should be encouraged and supported physically and emotionally by a reliable birth attendant.

The unpredictability of obstetrics makes us rethink our strategies and the conclusion is that the birthing mother is the most important person in the whole process and if she is informed, cooperative, motivated and in connection with her body, listens to her body then all the efforts go in a positive direction. The whole idea is to uproot the negativity and infuse positivity around the whole phenomenon of pregnancy, labour and childbirth.

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