Lifestyle tips and advice for Women - Lifestyle tips and advice for Women -

Lifestyle tips and advice for Women

Lifestyle tips and advice for Women

by: Dr. Heena Chawla
Consultant- Gynec-Oncology & Endoscopic Surgeon - Paras Bliss, Panchkula

To look and feel good at any age, it is important to make correct lifestyle choices. Especially for women who are burdened with a lot of responsibilities and multitasking most of the times.  Majority of the Indian women ignore their health issues either due to inaccessibility or lack of knowledge. Adopting the following simple, basic and easy to manage “regular” lifestyle changes can bring positive changes and overall sense of wellbeing.

  • Regular Diet– the diet should be rich in whole grains and high fibre. One should not skip meals so as to avoid nutritional deficiencies. Eat small meals at regular intervals so that you do not starve. Otherwise, once that level of hunger is achieved then one does tend to overeat. Limit salt and saturated fat in the diet for a healthy heart. At least 2-3 servings of dairy products for optimum calcium intake and maintaining the right bone density is essential. Daily recommended calcium intake is 800-1500mg of calcium.
  • Regular Exercise- With increasing sitting time being spent on television, laptop, cellphones it is a potential health hazard nowadays. So one should take small breaks in between. Apart from this, regular, moderate physical activity of 3 0mins/day at least 5 days a week is recommended. Aerobics (walking, swimming, jogging, bicycling, dancing) are recommended. Exercise also improves woman’s mental health apart from physical fitness.
  • Regular Healthy Habits– keep a limit on the intake of caffeine (3-4 cups coffee or tea/day) and alcohol(<14 units/week). Quitting smoking apart from increasing your lifespan also protects your skin from changes like wrinkles and puckering.
  • Regular Health Checks– schedule your appointment with your doctor for regular Pap tests, HPV DNA test for cervical cancer screening. Similarly, Clinical breast examination and mammography should be done according to your age. If you are planning pregnancy you along with your partner should have proper preconceptional counselling by your doctor. At the same time wisely choosing contraceptives will help you in planning your family.
  • Regular “me time”- no matter what finding a regular time to spend with yourself alone decreases stress. It might be 10 minutes of tea alone in the morning or 15 minutes of relaxing bath.
  • Regular Meditation– Even 5-10 minutes of meditation in morning or at night helps in staying focused and energetic.

Regular  Uninterrupted Sleep– the Regular sleep of at least 7-8 hours help in concentrating better at work and one does not get tired easily

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