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What is the main cause of osteoporosis?

What is the main cause of osteoporosis?

by: Dr. Ashish Kumar Arora
Consultant- Internal Medicine and Critical Care Medicine

Osteoporosis means weak bones which are prone to fractures. Hip, spine, and wrist are commonly involved sites. There typically are no symptoms detected in the early stage of bone loss. But once your bones have been weakened by osteoporosis, you may have signs and symptoms that include:

  • Back pain, caused by a fractured or collapsed vertebra
  • Loss of height over time
  • A stooped posture
  • A bone fracture that occurs much more easily than expected

Predisposing factors or Risk Factors of Osteoporosis

  • Females – osteoporosis is more common in females as compared to males
  • Older age- as we grow older we are more prone to osteoporosis
  • If parents and siblings are having osteoporosis there  will be more probability of developing  osteoporosis
  • Hyperthyroidism- if thyroid gland is secreting more hormone possibility of developing osteoporosis is more
  • Underweight/ malnourishment – malnourished/undernourished people develop osteoporosis more frequently
  • Use of steroids- long-term steroid use can cause osteoporosis
  • Antiepileptics- prolong use of few antiepileptics can cause osteoporosis
  • Renal failure- patient with chronic kidney disease develop osteoporosis more frequently
  • Malabsorption syndrome
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Lack of exercise
  • Chronic alcohol use
  • Smoking.

Complications associated with Osteoporosis:

Hip and spine fractures can cause severe pain. These fractures can occur even with insignificant trauma. In old age can lead to prolonged bed bound state

Prevention of Osteoporosis:

  • A healthy diet rich in proteins and calcium, vitamin D can prevent osteoporosis.
  • Maintain an appropriate weight.
  • Daily exercise

Diagnosis of Osteoporosis:

History of bony pains stooped posture, fractures due to insignificant trauma in older age should raise the suspicion. Osteoporosis is diagnosed by DEXA Scan.

Treatment associated with Osteoporosis:

  • Recommendations for treatment are based on an estimate of the risk of breaking a bone in next 10 years using information from bone density test. If the risk is not high then treatment may not include medication and may focus on modifying the risk factor for bone loss and falls.
  • Bisphosphonates ( alendronate, ibandronate, alendronate) are the treatment of choice. Should be taken according to your doctors advise.
  • Calcium supplementation


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