Maintaining Baby’s Sleep Schedule while Travelling - Maintaining Baby’s Sleep Schedule while Travelling -

Maintaining Baby’s Sleep Schedule while Travelling

Maintaining Baby’s Sleep Schedule while Travelling

Travelling with a baby needs a lot of planning. If you plan it nicely, it may be very enjoyable.

Planning the trip:
Be calculative while planning your trip. Make a checklist of all the things the baby may require while travelling. Ask a few questions from yourself. Does your baby sleep well in a car? If yes, plan your trip timing according to the baby’s sleep cycle so that the baby may be sleeping during most of your journey.
Babies don’t behave different than usual even on your special days of travel!

Choose the right vehicle:

  • Make sure that your car has a properly installed baby seat. If your baby is less than one year old, he/she needs a rear facing seat otherwise normal a front facing seat is sufficient.
  • Place a first aid kit. Add few medicines for fever, colic, stuffy nose and probably a teething gel. Check with your doctor for any other medicines.
  • Your car should be fitted with sun shades to avoid direct sunlight on baby while sleeping.

Mother carrying sleeping baby

During the Journey:
After well planning and choosing the best vehicle, your half job is done. Few things you should keep in mind for your baby’s sleep are:

  • Feeding: Feed your baby at the beginning of your journey. Normally babies sleep well while travelling with a full stomach. Few babies may have motion sickness, in such cases, premedicate them after consulting with a doctor.
  • Don’t try new eatables during journey.
  • Be slow and flexible: If you are in a car, you have to be slow to avoid sudden acceleration and de acceleration. Try to be relaxed, accept changes and go with the flow.
  • Avoid travelling with a crying baby. Take time to stop and calm your baby.
  • Breastfeed your baby as per your schedule while travelling to make him/her feel at home.
  • Avoid any sedation before commencing your journey. Consult your doctor, if required.

Be patient, babies like us, take some time to adjust during a journey !

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