Meningococcal Vaccines: What You Need to Know -

Meningococcal Vaccines: What You Need to Know

Meningococcal Vaccines: What You Need to Know

by: Dr. Sorabh Goel
Consultant - Neonatology-Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Meningococcal disease is a serious bacterial illness. This is the leading cause of bacterial meningitis among children. This infection affects the brain and the spinal cord. Every year numerous infants die due to the infection and the complications associated with the disease. To save your children from the deadly disease it is pivotal that each of you opts for getting your bundles of joy vaccinated.

Meningococcal Vaccines:

Usually, there are two types of meningococcal vaccines:

  • Meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4): This vaccine is preferred for people who are less than or 55 years of age.
  • Meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine (MPSV4): This is used if MCV4 is not available and is licensed to use for people who are more than 55 years of age.

Both the vaccines can help to prevent all four types of meningococcal disease. These vaccines protect people from getting sick who didn’t get the vaccine shot earlier. Vaccines work really well and give you 90% of the protection those who go for vaccines. The results of MCV4 are better and give long-lasting protection.

Rising numbers of Meningitis in Infants in India:

In India like measles not many cases of meningitis cases are seen in children who are younger than one year. If a mother who had meningitis transmits the antibodies of meningitis to the newborn. These antibodies protect the newborn for one year from them. Individuals who are residing in the belt of meningitis get infected with meningitis before 29 years of age and thus the mothers perpetually carry the antibodies against the disease.

WHO has approved 5 micrograms of a dose of vaccine for the children which should be administered when they are nine months old. Immunisation at nine months in infants provides sustainable disease control.

Important aspects associated with the Meningitis Vaccination:

People who are suffering from severe or life-threatening allergic reactions to the previous dose of meningococcal vaccines should not go second shot. Such a step can be fatal to that person. Or any person who is having a severe allergy to any component of the vaccine should also not take the meningococcal vaccines. Always disclose about your allergies to your physician. A person who is moderately or severely ill after the first shot of meningococcal vaccines should wait to get recover fully before taking the second shot of meningococcal vaccines vaccine.

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