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Natural Remedies to Treat Malaria at Home

Natural Remedies to Treat Malaria at Home

Dr Suresh K Kasana - Pediatrics - Paras Bliss Hospital
by: Dr. Suresh k Kasana
Sr. Consultant Paediatrics Paras Bliss, New Delhi


Malaria is an infectious disease, transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes. It is characterized by colonization of red blood cells in our body by a parasite called plasmodium. Plasmodium is carried by female anopheles mosquito and it reaches into the blood when this mosquito bites a human. Once the parasite enters the body, it multiplies in the liver and then affects the red blood cells. If we talk about the incubation period then, Malaria generally lasts for around 8 to 20 days (max 2 months) after the bite of incubation. This period is characterized by febrile seizures every 2 -4 days.


  • Unhygienic surroundings or living condition
  • Consuming alcohol lower then body resistance makes person vulnerable to malaria
  • Wrong eatery habits.


  • High fever, every day or alternative day or every fourth day
  • Pain in the limbs & general body pain
  • shivering and sweating
  • Headaches


There are no home cures for malaria other than quinine or artemisinin based prescriptions which should be prescribed by doctors. Quinine or artemisinin based drugs have bad side effects like loss of appetite, weakness, loss of immunity, intestinal problems, depression and liver problems. Therefore, following measures can be taken to alleviate the symptoms.

  • Cinnamon: is a valuable remedy for treating malaria. One teaspoon of powdered cinnamon should be boiled in a glass of water with a pinch of pepper powder and a teaspoon of honey. This should be taken daily.
  • Lemon: Lime and lemon also play a vital role to reduce the quartan type of malarial fever. Take 4 to 5 drops of lime, add the juice of one lemon and dissolve it in one glass of water
  • Ginger: Cut the ginger into small pieces and add 2-3 teaspoons of raisins. Boil them together in a glass of water until it gets reduced to half the amount. Drink it after it cools down.
  • Grapefruits: It contains the natural quinine-like substance, which can be extracted by boiling a quarter of it and straining its pulp. It is beneficial for curing malaria and can be consumed daily.
  • Alum: Alum needs to be dry roasted and powdered. A teaspoon of this powder needs to be consumed four hours before the expected fever attack and half a teaspoon after two hours of the attack. It will give great relief from malaria.
  • Holy Basil: Holy basil leaves, which are a beneficial remedy for treating malaria, can be consumed raw or you can also make a decoction of them and drink it.
  • Chirayata: is a herb and is beneficial for treating intermittent malarial fevers. It helps to lower the temperature.
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