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Newborn Care: Feeding, Sleep & Development Tips

Newborn Care: Feeding, Sleep & Development Tips

by: Dr. (Maj) Manish Mannan
HOD Paediatrics & Neonatology

Newborn babies have very little protection against infection, so it is important that you provide a clean, hygienic environment. One of the most important things you can do is to make sure that anyone who handles your baby, including you, has washed their hands first.
People who have infections, for example, colds, flu or cold sores (herpes simplex), should not come in contact with your baby. Cold sores can be particularly dangerous to a newborn baby. Vaccinations are available to protect your baby against some infectious diseases. Your maternal and child health nurse can advise you.

Pay special attention towards Feeding:

As babies are very small they do not learn everything. Feeding needs to be taught to them. Try to feed the baby when you can rest also. Lie horizontally and then latch the baby to your nipple. Once you are done with the breast feeding, it is very important for the baby to burp. The ideal method of burping is to hold your baby against your chest and pat gently on the back. For the first 12 weeks feed your baby every 2 hours. You will eventually get to know that the baby is full when he turns his face away from your nipple.

Sleeping is equally important as feeding:

Sleeping is one of the most tedious tasks while you are raising the baby. There are various difficulties you can face while you are sleeping r making your baby sleep. Fill your toddler’s tummy right before you are making them sleep. If you desire a peaceful night sleep, limit the daytime naps. If the baby naps for more than 2 hours each time, wake them up and play with them. Remember the way you put the baby to sleep during the initial day because it creates the strong association with the sleeping pattern of the baby. Babies will look forward to that pattern every time you will put them to sleep. Therefore avoid extra silent environment, dim lights, swaying etc.

Aid your baby’s development:

Development in the newborns starts even before they are born. Appropriate care has to be taken to speed up the development. Talking, singing or basically engaging with your baby is the first and foremost step towards development. As the baby grows, let them explore their senses by letting them play with more colorful toys or try rubbing soft/rough/cold/hot things on her hands to promote toddler’s motor skills. Key point is to avoid giving phones to the kids and watching TV around them.

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