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Nutrition and Fitness Tips for Women After 40

Nutrition and Fitness Tips for Women After 40

Women need extra attention during their life. They undergo numerous hormonal and physical changes during their life. From menarche to menopause their body keep son changing and to ensure that the changes are healthy, they need to support their system with the right and balanced diet. Hence these aspects make nutritional needs exceptionally important for women. It is recommended that as soon as women feel that they are either losing weight or putting on weight, they should consult a specialist at the earliest.

Issues That Women Usually Face Due to the Wrong Nutrition Choices:  

Some of the problems that are being dealt by women in their midlife regarding nutrition and overall health concerns are:

  • Undesired weight gain
  • Higher risk of high blood pressure
  • Raised diabetes or cholesterol levels
  • Loss of lean body mas
  • Women in midlife may also face changes in digestion. Fluctuations in ovarian hormones may contribute to belly bloating and sluggish intestines, some women may develop lactose intolerance as they age, so including lactose free milk, cottage cheese, and yogurt into their diet will help them to continue to consume dairy products and further help in meeting their calcium needs.
  • Bone health concerns and other health issues that may occur during the years leading to menopause and beyond.

Nutrition Recommendations Post 40 for Women:

As the metabolism slows down in the 40s, it’s important for women to follow a healthy and rightly balanced diet pattern. Health practioners can help in counselling women to make them realize that bodily changes begin well before midlife, and that they can benefit from knowing what to expect beforehand.

Counselling  women about the importance of rightly balanced ,healthy and nutritious diet which can be achieved by  evenly distributing protein among meals, eating nutrient rich foods, consuming fewer calories because of reduced energy needs, to avoid excessive intake of sugar and salt,  getting adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D.

Consume  fibre rich foods which will help you lose weight and to keep your cholesterol levels under control,  and doing physical activity on daily basis such as regular walks, aerobic and strength training exercise which will aid in burning  unwanted fat, build muscle and bone, and prevent metabolic disease.

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