Nutrition Tips for Toddlers - Nutrition Tips for Toddlers -

Nutrition Tips for Toddlers

Nutrition Tips for Toddlers

Unpredictable and unusual eating behaviour is very common among preschool children aged two to five years. Often at meal and snack time, there is a frequent struggle for control between parents and preschoolers of what to eat, how much to eat, and even when to eat. Children have different physical and emotional needs than adults.

Children require smaller portions than adults. About one tablespoon of each type of food for every year of a child’s age is an ample portion size in most cases.

Are you convinced that your toddler will never allow a green vegetable to pass his lips? Have sugary treats become one of your child’s basic food groups?  Recent studies indicate that potatoes, mainly in the form of French fries, are the most commonly eaten vegetable among toddlers.

Important Nutrition Tips for Toddlers:

Introduce new foods and new taste

Start introducing new vegetables and new fruits. The amount of introducing new vegetables and fruits should be small just to develop a taste.

Portion size

A toddler cannot eat like a adult so amount of portion that can be eaten by the toddler should always be less .So more emphasis should be laid on the amount of portion to be given to the toddler.

Diet makeover:

A toddler only like eating food when it appears to be colourful and good to eyes. Adding a variety to food and introducing new foods at different time makes the toddler happy and eat well.

Opt for healthy choices:

You can actually give the children something that they like, but you can give them a healthier version of the same. For instance pasta or noodles with loads of seasonal vegetables is a god option.

Keep a check on the sweets:

You should control and monitor the sugar content in your child’s diet. Opt for home made healthy milk shakes and smoothies instead of ice creams and processed sugar items like chocolates.

Stay away from oil:

Children love to have fryums, chips and other fried stuff, but it is necessary that you control the amount of oil that is going in their diet. Opt for grilled, blanched or smoked food options.

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