Nutritional deficiency in Pregnancy -

Nutritional deficiency in Pregnancy

Nutritional deficiency in Pregnancy

Intake of sufficient nutrition during pregnancy is very important, as the baby is dependent on his mother for nutrients and in future the health of the baby depends on the nutrient intake of the mother. During pregnancy the requirement of energy and nutrients exceeds and insufficient nutrient intake affects the mother and the developing child. It is important to know about  diet and nutrition to take care of one’s health.

Nutritional deficiency can be divided into two sets:-

  • Malnutrition
  • Micro-nutrient deficiency

Malnutrition Deficiency: – It is when the intake of mother doesn’t meet the requirement of energy and nutrients can cause malnutrition. This can be happen when mother consume such foods which are low in calories and nutrients, where as the body daily requirement of energy and nutrients are high. The most common reason for malnutrition in first trimester are vomiting and nausea.

The probability of malnutrition increases when this state continues to the second trimester and the third too, although the same is rare. The mother suffering from malnutrition is more prone to anaemia and other infections also. Malnutrition during the pregnancy also affects the baby and has long term effects on the child’s life also. In future low intake of maternal nutrition during first trimester can cause coronary heart disease and obesity in the child. These children will be more prone to infections throughout their life. So, try to maintain a nutritious environment for the development of your baby.

Micro – Nutrient Deficiency: -It is the deficiency of a particular micronutrient during pregnancy that has an adverse affect on the development of the foetus.

  • Deficiency of iodine during the pregnancy can affect the brain development of the child.
  • Deficiency of folate can cause of neural tube defects seen in the infants.
  • Deficiency of zinc can cause the fetal growth retardation and an increase in birth defects.
  • Deficiency of calcium can cause your bones are going to be weaker and also increasing in chances of developing osteoporosis in the future as your baby will take calcium from your bone.

If you are not getting the required extra nutrients during pregnancy your baby will steal whatever he wants from your body. So, focus on getting sufficient nutrients not only during pregnancy but also during lactating period to stay healthy and have a healthy baby.

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