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How often should I go for a Follow up Care for my Newborn

How often should I go for a Follow up Care for my Newborn

Your newborn is a precious gift which needs adequate care for future well being. You should visit your paediatrician/ neonatologist for regular care and follow up. A normal newborn who is discharged within 72 hrs of birth requires to be seen by your doctor after 48 hrs, if everything is fine. In case you newborn has risk factors as assessed by the doctor; he/she may need to be followed up earlier. In case of preterm babies regular follow up is required as advised by the doctor.


Why a regular follow up is needed?

 Regular follow up is necessary for the assessment of neonatal well being in the form of breastfeeding, neonatal jaundice, weight gain, urine & stool output, immunisation and regular counselling of mother & family on various other issues.

A regular follow up should be done as advised by your doctor which may be monthly in case of normal newborns and fortnightly or weekly in case of high risk newborns.

This is also important to assess the regular growth of your baby and to do timely intervention if required. Your baby needs immediate care in case of lethargy, poor feeding, reduced urine output, cyanosis, abnormal movements, etc.

Regular follow up with your paediatrician/neonatologist can solve most of your queries , help in proper growth of your baby with best medical care and prevent so many unforseen problems for your baby. In a nutshell follow up visit to your doctor is a must once your baby is discharged from the hospital and remaining visits depend on the risk category of your baby as advised by the paediatrician.

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