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Painless Delivery Advantages and Disadvantages

Painless Delivery Advantages and Disadvantages

by: Dr. Bharti Minocha
Consultant, Gynecology

Motherhood is the most valuable and charming moment in a woman’s life. On one side it is the delight of bringing forth a baby, while on the other there is the dread of labor pain. Ladies, who have the fear of agony and pain, regularly decide on the caesarian section, unnecessarily even when they can deliver vaginally. Yet, now the ladies can deliver without pain. This has been made conceivable by epidural anesthesia which suits those patients who can’t endure labor pain. This procedure is totally fine for both – the baby and the mother. The thought and perception of pain during labor and delivery vary between people. Exceptionally, the first-run through moms require an appropriate antenatal guiding with respect to the great nutritious eating regimen, antenatal activities, and physiology of labor pain. Epidural anesthesia is a progressive method of pain management during labor, which guarantees that a pregnant lady has an comfortable labor. It is a regional anesthesia in which a sedative medication is infused close to the spinal cord in the spinal canal.


  • When the torment and pain are more, the mother secretes more hormones which will make a great deal of irritating and distress to the child. Since Epidural Anesthesia gives help from pain and torment, the number of hormones produced will be very less and hence both mother and child can be comfortable.
  • It is very regular for a few females to encounter hypertension all through the procedure. Epidural analgesia can bring down the blood pressure impressively.
  • Heavy pain may influence antagonistically the individuals who are experiencing heart problems. Here the painless delivery will be favorable for those.
  • With epidural analgesia, the aggregate time required to finish the procedure can be reduced and can have a fast delivery.
  • If a cesarean is required, a similar tube can be utilized and no compelling reason to put another.
  • Most of the ladies who have great fears of labor pain, demand for cesarean despite the fact that there is a possibility vaginal delivery. With the painless delivery procedure, undesirable or pointless cesareans can be avoided.


  • It can cause a backache, dizziness or shivering.
  • A dip in the mother’s BP during labor can lead to a slowing down of the heartbeat rate in the baby, and if it doesn’t return to normalcy despite drugs/fluids, a Cesarean has to be carried out.
  • An epidural is likely to cause numbness in the lower parts of the body after delivery. You may need help while walking because of the numb feeling.
  • There is also the risk of a mother-to-be experiencing severe headaches because of the fluid of the spine leaking.


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