Does Painless Delivery Have Any Complications? - Does Painless Delivery Have Any Complications? -

Does Painless Delivery Have Any Complications?

Does Painless Delivery Have Any Complications?

by: Dr. Surinder Kaur Gambhir
Sr. Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology Paras Bliss, Panchkula

The intensity of pain during labor and delivery varies from one lady to another. Some are able to bear the pain and go ahead with normal vaginal delivery, while those who can’t go for a caesarian section. The new generation today due to the medical advancements is opting for painless epidural delivery.

Epidural anesthesia is an advanced method of pain management during labor ensuring a comfortable, painless normal delivery to a pregnant lady. It is a region specific anaesthesia in which an anaesthetic drug is injected near the spinal cord in the spinal canal. It is commonly opted, by pregnant ladies now days because of its painless benefits and comfort, but the method also has mild chances of certain complications.

painless delivery complication

Some of the complications caused by this method are:

  • Blood pressure might drop suddenly.
  • Increased length of labour, especially the pushing stage.
  • Pushing becomes more difficult, because of pelvic floor relaxation.
  • Increases the chance of instrumental intervention, such as forceps for delivery because epidurals often prevent the baby to rotate and move into the best delivery position.
  • Some uncommon minor complications such as persistent positional headache post delivery, shivering, ringing of the ears, backache, soreness at the anesthetized area, nausea, or difficulty urinating.
  • In extremely rare cases, complications such as meningitis can occur, but if adequate sterile precautions are taken, the same can be avoided.
  • If the anesthesia isn’t given properly, there are chances that you may find that you are numb down only at one side of your body or that a small part of your tummy has not been anaesthetized.
  • If the epidural needle goes beyond the epidural space, there could be a leakage of cerebro-spinal fluid after detaching the tube. This fluid buffers your brain and even a very small leak will lead to a terrific headache. This is usually treated by taking a small amount of blood from your arm, perhaps the day after your delivery, and injecting it into your back to seal the hole made by the epidural needle.

Painless Delivery is the best option:

It is recommended that you consult your gynecologist to discuss if your medical conditions permit the procedure. This is the recommended procedure or women who want a pain free normal delivery.

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