Painless Delivery : The best option to give birth naturally - Painless Delivery : The best option to give birth naturally -

Painless Delivery : The best option to give birth naturally

Painless Delivery : The best option to give birth naturally

by: Dr. Pooja Mehta
Sr. Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Labour pain is considered the most painful experience. Gynecologists and Obstetricians all over the world have shared their concerns about the same. Scientific research and latest medical interventions have provided exceptional ways to reduce pain and even have a painless delivery.

It should be noted that as one grows old the threshold to bear pain also reduces. Today we have a number of women in their early 30’s opting for pregnancy. The thought of labour pain and the stress of the same scares a lot of women. It is a major case of apprehension in the pregnant women.

What is painless delivery?

Painless delivery is the latest medical intervention that helps women become an active participant in delivery. The process is called a Pain less Delivery as the sensation of pain is numbed by an Epidural Anesthesia. It is an advance clinical protocol in pain management which ensures that a pregnant woman has comfortable labour. It is a regional application in which an anesthetic drug is injected near the spinal cord (in spinal canal). It also helps in decreasing the caesarian section rate.

The woman in labour is able to monitor and control the amount of pain reducing drug she needs. The procedure is a recommended and approved clinical protocol by the International Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians and is practiced worldwide. The procedure is administered and monitored by labour specialist anesthetists, obstetricians and labour nurses, who guide a woman towards motherhood.

give birth naturally
give birth naturally

The advantages of the process are:

  • A pain less delivery always keeps the option of a C section open for the woman in pain. If she is not able to bear the labour stress, she has the option for opting out of a normal delivery.
  • It relaxes the women and makes them an active participant in the delivery process. Since the women are relaxed, the delivery is quick and the chances of fetal and maternal distress are minimized.
  • It is a safe procedure recommended by obstetricians and the gynecologists worldwide introducing them to the option of delivering pain free under the observation of medical specialists.
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