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Parenting: Being a Supermom Stressing You Out?

Parenting: Being a Supermom Stressing You Out?

by: Dr. Bharti Minocha
Consultant, Gynecology

Juggling work with family life wrecks a couples’ relationship and may harm your children’s education prospects as well. Women frequently feel under stress trying to balance a career with raising a family. As a result many suffer from with headaches, exhaustion, backache, anxiety, etc

It has been found that 1 in 4 working moms cry once a week due to the stress of ‘Having Enough of It’. Few of these moms can afford to hire help, but they won’t do it because they feel too guilty.  Mothers really want to be super moms. They want to be excellent at their jobs; they want to be excellent in their relationships; they want to be an excellent friend, an excellent wife or partner; and they want to be an excellent mom. On top of that, they want to have an amazing home that’s beautiful and clean”.

To take care of your children first you need to take care of yourself then only you can focus on your children and be a supermom. The multi  responsibilities of work and home can mean more stress, which can prompt everything from insomnia to mood swings and weight gain. Excess stress boosts the output of the cortisol hormone, which in turn can increase the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, depression, and anxiety.

Tips to overcome Stress:

  • Put yourself on top priority: Even when you know that you don’t have an extra minute for yourself, take out off time for yourself. Successful working moms should learn to take time for them to be happy and efficient enough. Both your kids and your husband would prefer a happy mom and a messy house rather than a perfect house and an unhappy mom!
  • Understand how you experience stress — Every woman experiences stress in different ways. Identify what events or situations trigger stressful feelings. If they are related to your children, family health, financial decisions, work, relationships or something else then work out on them and try to resolve them.
  • Take time to celebrate yourself: Most working moms face self-esteem You need to always celebrate your little accomplishments.
  • Dealing with the stress: Determine if you are using unhealthy behaviors to cope with the stress of motherhood.If this is just a routine behavior, or is it specific to certain events or situations try to identify that.  Prioritize and delegate responsibilities. Identify ways your family and friends can lessen your load so that you can take a break. Delay or say no to less important tasks.
  • Healthy ways to manage stress: Embrace healthy, stress- reducing activities like taking a short walk, exercising, or talking things out with friends or family. Always keep in mind that unhealthy behaviors develop over time and can be difficult to change. Don’t take on too much at once. Focus on changing only one behavior at a time.
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