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Pneumonia during Pregnancy

Pneumonia during Pregnancy

by: Dr. Nupur Gupta
Consultant and Unit Head Gynecology

A disease of one or both the lungs refers to Pneumonia. The significant reasons for pneumonia are germs like microscopic organisms, infection, and parasites. The alveoli (air sacs) of an infected individual’s lungs are expanded with liquids or discharge. Pneumonia spreads in a few ways. The virus and bacteria found in airborne droplets transmitted because of coughing and sneezing, when breathed in can cause pneumonia. It is additionally transmitted through blood, particularly during and shortly after birth. Research is as yet in progress on alternate pathogens that potentially cause the disease.

Signs and Symptoms associated with Pneumonia:

Watch out for few of these major manifestations that can mean you have pneumonia. Nonetheless, these indications can extend from moderate to severe depending upon the sort of germ causing the disease, age, and your general wellbeing. Manifestations of a persistent cough with sputum, Breathing inconvenience, High fever and chills, Chest pain, Loss of appetite, Nausea and regurgitating or vomits.

Pneumonia during pregnancy:

  • The presence of maternal sicknesses like anemia and asthma builds the danger of developing pneumonia in pregnancy. These are indications of pneumonia in pregnancy.
  • Along these lines, the newborn children who are born to such females have low birth weight and increased preterm birth.
  • Serious complications can occur to the mother also in the form of respiratory failure. However, since the approach of antimicrobials, the maternal death rate has diminished much.
  • Pregnancy appears to increase the risk of major complications associated with pregnancy. Pneumonia in pregnant females is related to noteworthy fetal morbidity.
  • The babies born can have preterm labor, growth retardation, and untimely birth. In extreme cases, intrauterine and neonatal death likewise has been noted.
  • Most instances of pneumonia during pregnancy are caused by organisms that don’t influence the fetus, with the exception of through their consequences for the maternal status.
  • All females with pneumonia in pregnancy ought to mandatorily test for HIV. It is on account of the fetus might be in danger because of maternal conditions which cause pneumonia-like an HIV contamination.

Pneumonia can be prevented by ensuring certain safety measures like getting vaccinated, Give attention to personal hygiene, especially the hands, Avoid or limit contact with the sick person and most importantly eat well and sleep well and build strong immunity.

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