Postnatal Care Tips -

Postnatal Care Tips

Postnatal Care Tips

by: Dr. Monika Chaudhary
Attending Consultant, Gynecology

All of us are very particular about our ante natal care that is care during pregnancy. We are on time for all visits and investigations. But we need to understand that post natal care is also very important. Regular follow up from the doctor and a check on your blood pressure, diabetes, gynecological health is important.

  • Don’t miss your doctors appointment: Post natal check up at week post delivery and then at 6 weeks or as advised by your doctor, is very important and shouldn’t be missed. Your doctor will check your stitches, if any and will also check your vitals and examine your breasts.
  • Eat healthy : A healthy diet is very important for all breastfeeding mothers. A nutritious diet will keep both the mother and baby healthy and avoiding unnecessary fat in the diet will help in keeping the body shape
  • Keep a good calcium intake: Calcium supplements for 6 months and iron supplements for 3 months are very essential for lactating mothers and must be taken regularly.
  • Opt for Post Natal Exercises: Post natal exercises help in weight reduction and must be learnt in the hospital itself. Lifting heavy weights in the gym is not advisable for 3 months especially when one has had a Caesarean section.

  • Good Hygiene is recommended: Good hygiene is important when one has got an episiotomy stitches and for Caesarean stitches too so as to prevent infection.
  • Limit your visitors: Visitors should be limited in the immediate post natal period to prevent the mother and the newborn from getting infected.
  • Drink up : Plenty of liquids should be taken to compensate for the loss during child birth.
  • Focus on your sleep: Mothers must alter their sleep pattern to match that of their baby so as to get adequate sleep.
  • Opt for Exclusive Breastfeeding : Exclusive breast feeding will not only help in developing a bond between the mother and the baby, but provide lots of essential nutrients and immunoglobulin to fight disease.
  • Contraception is recommended : Post natal contraceptive advice will be given to you by your doctor and one must choose a suitable contraceptive to avoided unplanned early pregnancy since spacing between child birth is very essential for the health of the woman.Last but not the least, a new mother should stay happy and stress free. Her family must support her in this crucial period and any signs of post natal depression must be reported immediately.
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