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Precautions to take during Post Natal Massage if you had C section Delivery

Precautions to take during Post Natal Massage if you had C section Delivery

by: Dr. Shilva
Sr. Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Post pregnancy massage has many benefits. It relaxes the body muscles and rejuvenates you both physically and emotionally. It is very important to choose a massage provider (Malishwali) who is experienced in giving post delivery massage. It is safe to get massage aftercesareann section with certain precautions. Doctors usually advise to wait for few weeks before getting a massage because fever, infection can occur in first two weeks after the birth.  Hence before you are opting for a massage therapy, please consult your doctor and then proceed.

Important Points to Keep In Mind during Post Delivery Massage Therapy:

  • It is better to allow the caesarean cut to heal completely before starting massage.
  • It is best to avoid the abdomen area at first and stick to massage of head, arms, legs, back. After 6 weeks of delivery scar tissue is usually formed and you can lie on your stomach then you can take special massage involving just the area around the cut.
  • Opt for a trained malishwali who has worked before the women after their caesarean section. Scar area needs a gentle and soft message. Take the massage only of you like it.
  • As a safety measure you can visit your doctor to know about frequency and intensity of massage.

C Section and Post Delivery Massage Therapy:

Caesarean section is a major surgery you will find yourself in great pain in the initial few days after surgery. Some precautions should be exercised while opting for a post natal massage. Regular massage will help you to regain physical strength. Massage relaxes the tense muscles and helps your body to release endorphins and also help you to cope up with stress and anxiety. It improves blood circulation and removes the toxins in your blood stream.

Although post natal massages are beneficial you should avoid them of you have rashes, or any type of skin infection. Also stay away from massage if you have faced complications during delivery and your doctor has advised you against it. Also you should avoid massage if you have hernia or high blood pressure.

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