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Pregnancy And Weight Management

Pregnancy And Weight Management

by: Dr. Nupur Gupta
Consultant and Unit Head Gynecology

Pregnancy And Weight Management

Just as you are in the bliss of becoming a mother, your body is going through a change. Your hunger pangs grow, your body is growing bigger and you are flaunting your new baby bump. But just as you are gorging on the heavy food to satisfy yourself, you tend to think if you would ever fit again in your old jeans. Will the new you be- Fat? To avoid pilling on pounds on yourself, just follow some tips to remain fit.

  1. Get pregnant at the right weight.

If you are planning your pregnancy, its best to get in shape and then plan. Discuss your weight, diet and exercise routine with your gynecologist and dietitian. They will suggest the right BMI for you. Set a personal target for yourself. Remember an obese mother can affect the child also.

  1. Eat less, frequently and right!

Your hunger pangs need to be converted to healthy pangs. As per the latest guidelines you need 350 extra calories in the first trimester and 450 extra calories in the third trimester. These numbers can change as per your weight. Eat healthy food, avoid fried and sugary items. Have many small meals the entire day. Also limited portions not just help your weight but also help you developing any gastric complications.

  1. Hydrate yourself well

Drink up during pregnancy. Water will keep your body well balanced during pregnancy. Between meals drink loads of water, atleast 12 glasses of water are to be drunk every day. As per your light exercise routine the same can increase. Water eases your digestive system and keeps you at ease. You can also put lemon and cucumbers to make your water drink yummy!

  1. Make your cravings healthy

Make your pregnancy a healthy binge. Keep your fridge stocked with healthy food items- sprouts, fruits, juices, green vegetables. Load yourself with salads and a healthy rainbow diet. Although ice creams and chips may be easy to eat, but remind yourself- a healthy mother means a healthy child.

  1. Choose Carbs that fill your tummy

Just when you are hit with morning sickness and nausea, it’s the carbs that will help you But instead of opting for the not so nutritious ones choose smart carbs- brown rice, quinoa, whole grain bread and pasta.

  1. Develop a healthy walking routine

Make it an everyday routine to walk for some time. If you are scared choose the treadmill and walk on a slow pace. The outside fresh air definitely helps pregnancy. 30 minutes of everyday walking is essential. If you are already exercising don’t stop your routine just because you are now pregnant. Discuss with your fitness trainer or physiotherapist to consult on which exercises to avoid.

  1. Breast feed – That’s the best way

Breastfeeding not only helps your baby, but also benefits you. It reduces the chances of developing breast cancer, heart disease, and hypertension and also is the best way of maintaining weight. Breastfeeding burns 500 calories every day. Also along with breast feeding, you can lose around 5 kgs post your delivery only.

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