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Pregnancy & Antenatal Classes

Pregnancy & Antenatal Classes

The antenatal classes guide you to have a healthy pregnancy, prepare you for the labour, delivery and early parenthood. The ultimate aim of antenatal classes is to build up your confidence and prepare you for a positive birth experience.

The initial sessions in early pregnancy will guide you how to have a healthy pregnancy. Details of diet to be taken at each trimester shall be discussed. For those having medical problems / complicated pregnancies, diet will be tailor made. Learning to eat healthy will result in a healthy growth of the baby, reduce complications of pregnancy. Eating right will prevent one from gaining extra fat that becomes difficult to shed off later.

Antenatal Class Aspects:

  • Information about exercise & fitness : Learning to exercise is important during pregnancy. In the antenatal classes you will be told about the exercises to be done during each trimester. Light exercises initially and later you get to do exercises will work towards a normal delivery. Exercises keep you fit and active .You will not gain unnecessary fat and you will be able to cope with labour in a better way .Breathing exercises you learn during these sessions are helpful during labour.
  • Stress Management and understanding the issues: In pregnancy lots of hormonal changes occur that might lead to varied emotions, feelings, depression and stress in some ladies. During these classes relaxation techniques and stress management is also discussed.

  • Sharing helps : When you attend antenatal classes there are other ladies in the same situation. This increases confidence and exercising in groups becomes all the more interesting. Birth of a baby brings about many changes in a lady’s life and an antenatal class helps her to cope better with the physical, emotional and lifestyle changes she may experience.
  • Best insight into delivery options and labour : Antenatal classes help you understand the process of labour and delivery .You get to understand what to expect. You are told about pain relieving techniques .Once you are aware of these you can either pre plan a painless delivery or demand it, if pains become intolerable. Information about different kinds of birth techniques and interventions, such as ventouse and forceps delivery is also given during these classes.
  • Breastfeeding and details : The doctors will also sensitise you regarding breast feeding. The importance of breast feeding is told. Once you are aware of the breast feeding techniques,you will be more motivated to breast feed your baby and it will be less of a struggle. We all know the advantages of breast feeding both for the mother and the baby.
  • Post natal health and other related aspects : You will learn about how to maintain health after birth what exercises will be needed later .Those who already have given birth earlier, may find the refresher course interesting! Practical tips regarding baby care, nappy changes and skin care will be given.

Taking antenatal classes builds up a bond between all concerned , you become familiar with the staff and hospital make friends with many in the same position as you. In nutshell it makes pregnancy more fun and interesting along with its medical benefits!

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