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Pregnancy Fitness: The Best Ways to Keep Fit while Pregnant

Pregnancy Fitness: The Best Ways to Keep Fit while Pregnant

by: Dr. Shweta Mendiratta
Associate Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology

Pregnancy and child birth are very special moments in every woman’s life, but with the joys of receiving your little one comes serious tensions and worries about your changing body. Women often panic about their weight gain and bulging body and the post- partum weight management. To stay fit during pregnancy and avoid extensive weight loss regime after delivery it is very important for every pregnant women to consider the following things:


Exercise Regularly:

 It is a very effective technique to manage pain during childbirth. You can opt for mild aerobic exercises, strength training exercise or prenatal-yoga. Aerobic exercises include activities such as walking, hiking, jogging/running, aerobic dance, swimming, cycling, etc. 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise is recommended but that doesn’t mean to meet your set targets on the first day itself. Set your targets and work to achieve them gradually. Prenatal yoga helps strengthening the entire body, increases flexibility, gives you stamina and relaxes your mind. Remember not to overdo and stress yourself. Stop when you have signs like vaginal bleeding, abdomen pain, dizziness, breathlessness, headache, decreased baby movements or leaking water.

Eat and Drink Right:

Along with physical fitness it is also important to pay attention to your diet. Eat foods that are healthy and rich in nutrients. Limit your portions and try having small frequent meals every day. Avoid fried, spicy or sugary foods, as they may lead to unnecessary weight gain. Also, keep yourself well hydrated. Exercising would make you sweat, so it is very important to maintain your hydration levels. Water will keep your body well balanced during pregnancy. Between meals drink loads of water; at least 12 glasses of water are to be drunk every day.

Healthy mind makes a healthy body:

Your mental fitness is as important as your physical fitness. Negative thoughts make labor stressful and intensify the pain. Understand that your body changes are a normal part of pregnancy and this phase would pass away. Do not get depressed. Be happy and enjoy your mom-to-be moments. Engage yourself into some fun activities to keep your mood cheered up.

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