What Is Vulvar Cancer and How To Prevent –

How to Prevent Vulvar Cancer

How to Prevent Vulvar Cancer

by: Dr. Pooja Mehta
Sr. Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Vulvar Cancer is common amongst women over 50 yrs of age. The signs and symptoms associated with the same are ignored and often misunderstood by women. Timely detection and early treatment are key in this type of cancer too. Vulvar cancer is associated with common signs such as itching in the vagina, pain and tenderness in the vaginal area, bleeding that isn’t fro menstruation and the formation of an ulcer, wart or lump in the vaginal area. It is important that every woman consults a specialist if she is experiencing itching, burning sensation, pain and abnormal bleeding in the vagina.

Prevention Tips for Vulvar Cancer: 

To diminish the risk of vulvar cancer, reduce your risk of sexually transmitted infections like HPV and HIV. To reduce your risk of these diseases:

  • Confine your number of sexual partners – The more sexual partners you have, the more risk is there of HIV or HPV.
  • Use condoms during sex – A condom may protect you from HIV virus transmission
  • Get the HPV vaccine – Girls and young women should get HPV vaccine, which helps in protect the virus that most cause of vulvar cancer. 

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Ask your Doctor about Pelvic Exams: 

Ask your doctor how often you should undergo pelvic exams. These exams allow your doctor to visually examine your vulva and manually examine your internal reproductive organs to check for abnormalities.

Talk to your doctor about your risk factors for vulvar cancer and other pelvic cancers in order to determine the most appropriate screening exam schedule for you.

What are the tests done to detect or diagnose Vulvar Cancer?  

The doctor shall do or recommend the following:

  • Examination of your vaginal area through a physical exam
  • Using a specialized magnifying glass to observe the vulva closely
  • Removing a sample tissue for biopsy to check for cancer
  • Some imaging tests – ultrasound, CT, MRI or PET CT – depending on the situation
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