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Is it safe to use copper T?

Is it safe to use copper T?

by: Dr. Nupur Gupta
Consultant and Unit Head Gynecology

Copper T is an intrauterine device which is said to be an effective type of contraception for ladies. This choice is generally given to ladies who have delivered an infant before. Insertion of Copper T is an invasive procedure that should be conducted by a specialist. The device is set into the uterus of the lady with a plastic string fixing to the finish of the IUD swinging from the cervix to the vagina.

Uses of Copper-T:

Copper IUDs are a type of long-acting reversible contraception and are one of the most effective forms of birth control available. The kind of frame and measure of copper can influence the viability of various copper IUD models. The copper IUD is the best type of emergency contraception. It is more powerful than the hormonal EC pills as of now accessible. It can be utilized for EC up to 5 days after the act of unprotected sex and does not diminish in adequacy amid the 5 days. An additional advantage of utilizing the copper IUD for emergency contraception is that it can be utilized as a type of conception prevention for 10– 12 years after inclusion.

Safety Issues associated with Copper T :

The Copper T is viable in preventing pregnancy instantly after insertion and if pregnancy is wanted, fertility returns after the Copper T are removed. The Copper T is intended to keep going for a long time, in spite of the fact that a lady may have removed before if pregnancy is desired. The Copper T does not contain any hormones so it doesn’t change a lady’s menstrual cycle or have any of the side effects that come with hormonal methods for birth control.

The Copper T is safe to use with moderately few reactions. Females usually address additional advantages other than being safe to use. These points of interest include:

  • Allowing for sex to be spontaneous. No compelling reason to stop and insert a diaphragm. It is there all the time so sex does not need to be planned.
  • No need to make sure to take a pill consistently. A lady can be secure that her contraception method is there and working with the Copper T.
  • The Copper T can be utilized while breastfeeding.
  • No one will know a lady has an IUD so security is ensured.
  • Is a long-term technique and fertility returns after removal.
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