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Safety Checklist Infants & Toddlers

Safety Checklist Infants & Toddlers

by: Dr. (Maj) Manish Mannan
HOD Paediatrics & Neonatology


  • Do not let anyone drink hot liquids or smoke while holding your baby.
  • Do not lay your baby on a waterbed, pillow or another soft surface that could suffocate him or her.
  • Place your baby on his or her back every time to sleep.
  • Never prop a bottle during a feeding.
  • Never leave your baby or young child alone: at home, in the bathtub, in a car, on a raised surface such as a bed, changing table or sofa.


  • Avoid tight clothing.
  • Remove drawstrings in clothing.
  • Use flame-retardant sleepers and night suits.
  • Do not put necklaces, rings or bracelets on babies.
  • Never tie a ribbon or cord around your baby’s neck to hold a pacifier.


  • Put safety latches on all cabinets and drawers that contain sharp or breakable objects, chemicals or medicines.
  • Put a baby gate at the top and bottom of all stairways.
  • Cover corners and sharp edges of furniture with corner protectors.
  • Keep items such as electrical cords and plants out of children’s reach.
  • Put outlet covers on all electrical outlets and sockets.
  • Put screens or covers around fireplaces, hot radiators, stoves, kerosene or space heaters.
  • Lock or latch windows properly. Keep blind and drapery cords wrapped and out of reach to prevent accidental hanging.


  • Keep hot drinks and foods, knives, cleaning products, plastic bags, and electrical objects out of children’s reach.
  • Choose a high chair with a wide sturdy base and a tray table that attaches to both sides. Use the safety strap to hold your baby securely in the chair. Keep the chair away from the stove, windows, and counters where unsafe items can be pulled off.
  • Keep pot handles facing inward on the stove.


  • Store medicines and vitamins out of children’s reach in a locked drawer or cabinet.
  • Check that the bath water is warm, not hot, before putting your baby or young child in the water. Use only a small amount of water in the bathtub.
  • Use a baby tub for at least the first 5 months. Then use a tub seat when your baby is able to sit without help.
  • Never leave your baby or young child alone in the bathtub, hot tub or backyard pool – even for a second. If the telephone or doorbell rings, ignore it or take your child with you to answer it. Young children can drown very quickly in a small amount of water.


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