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What are the side effects of Copper T?

What are the side effects of Copper T?

by: Dr. Pooja Mehta
Sr. Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Copper T is an effective contraceptive and is one of the most immensely used methods of birth control worldwide. The failure rate is considered only 1% and maybe this is the reason why many women use this method to remain stress-free. Although this method is very effective and widely used, it comes with some side effects also. These side effects can be common as well as precise depending on the health of the woman as well.

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Copper IUDs are a type of long-acting reversible contraception and are one of the most effective forms of birth control available. The kind of frame and measure of copper can influence the viability of various copper IUD models. The copper IUD is the best type of emergency contraception. It is more powerful than the hormonal EC pills as of now accessible. It can be utilized for EC up to 5 days after the act of unprotected sex and does not diminish in adequacy amid the 5 days. An additional advantage of utilizing the copper IUD for emergency contraception is that it can be utilized as a type of conception prevention for 10– 12 years after inclusion.


  • ALLERGY: It is just in uncommon conditions that any lady is susceptible to copper T and that is additionally a direct result of the covering of copper on the IUD. Typically itching and rashes are seen when somebody is allergic to it.
  • UNTIMELY BLEEDING AND CRAMPS: Many ladies have to bleed between the menstrual cycles after the insertion of copper T. Many women report about spasms or cramps happening, which is generally not the same as that experienced during periods. Sometimes the cramps are unbearable and the woman feels worse.
  • AUTOMATIC EJECTION: Expulsion of copper T is generally not observed and is uncommon. When it is pushed out of the uterus, the woman can get pregnant. Even if this expulsion occurs it goes unnoticed.
  • CHANCES OF MISCARRIAGE: While using copper T when any woman gets pregnant, the chance of abortions is high. This happens on the grounds that the ovum gets fertilized somewhere else than the uterus wall bringing out lots of complications, which thus results in miscarriage.
  • CUTS IN THE UTERUS: In a few women, it was seen that the device perforated the uterus and emergency removal had to be done. This is extremely uncommon and one ought not to stress over that heretofore.
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