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I am a single mom-to-be. Can I still attend the course even if I don’t have a partner?

I am a single mom-to-be. Can I still attend the course even if I don’t have a partner?

by: Dr. Monica Agarwal
Sr. Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology - Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Lamaze or antenatal class is a great course for the positive health of the mother and baby as it keeps the mother active and aware about her body and pregnancy. You can learn a lot about correct exercises, breathing techniques and other things which help you a lot during delivery. Usually pregnant women bring their husbands or partners to the class. But there are single mothers also who want to attend the classes. They are a bit anxious about attending alone and the reaction they will get from the other couples. But it is important for you and the baby, so you should focus on the classes and not on other people’s judgements and be positive about everything.

Get someone along:

You can always vouch on someone close to you like your mother, sister, brother or a close friend to attend the classes with you and support you in this journey of motherhood.

Sometimes it maybe just your perception or illusion that people are being judgemental or critical of your single status and it maybe their simple way of reacting.

Tips for you : Lamaze Classes:

Some tips to conduct yourself as a single mother at a Lamaze class

  • Be confident
  • Don’t listen to each and every single thing that people say or do.
  • Ignore the very inquisitive ones
  • Smile often
  • Focus on the instructions and how to gain maximum benefit of the class
  • Change the subject if it annoys you
  • Remember you are not alone. There are many women who are single due to one reason or the other
  • Have a volunteer like your mother, sister, brother or friend to do things which the instructor tells the fathers to do. Or you can do that stuff alone perfectly, which will increase your confidence.
  • Be proud of yourself as you are special. You represent female strength and independence, facing the situation with confidence.
  • Be social and show genuine interest in people.
  • You may form strong bonds and friendship with others in the class which will last for a lifetime
  • Avoid negative people and negativity
  • Read good books and watch good movies
  • Listen to music
  • Stay in the company of positive people, family and friends

Life is not always the events you are experiencing right now. It always has more beautiful and positive things to offer. However cluttered and messy your situation might appear but it will change for the better. So smile at the clutter as some day all things will fall into correct places and create a beautiful symphony for you. Lastly don’t miss your class just because you are single as it will offer you more benefit than your anticipation.

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