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Symptoms of Dengue fever in infants/babies

Symptoms of Dengue fever in infants/babies

by: Dr. Mukesh Kumar
Consultant Paediatrician

Small babies usually do not show typical symptoms of the diseases and same is true for dengue also. Parent need to be vigilant, if their baby is suffering from dengue or having symptoms suggestive of dengue fever and consult their pediatrician early. Disease could have of varying severity and could not correlate from other children or adults.

Although dengue is a viral disease, but it can cause severe illness with persistent high grade of fever > 102* F. Few smaller babies can have cold and calm peripheries (hand and feet). Baby may be unusually lethargic, refuse to feed, irritable, having recurrent vomiting and may shows sign of dehydration like decreased urine output.

In the later phase of illness child can develop technical rash which does not blanch with pressure, Puffiness of face, oedema of feet and hand, abdominal fullness, fast and laboured breathing and sometime bleeding tendencies.

In advance stage of disease, baby may shows sign of shock like cold peripheries, thready pulses, fall in blood pressure with altered sensorium (vacant stair/ abnormal behaviour and comatose). Baby may shows sign of respiratory failure like gasping or see saw breathing, renal failure like not passing urine for more than 12 hrs. These are grave symptoms of dengue and need urgent attention. Baby suggestive of severe illness like dengue haemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome may require pediatric ICU care.

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