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Teen Drug Abuse & Addiction: Warning Signs

Teen Drug Abuse & Addiction: Warning Signs

by: Dr. Ruby Ahuja
Consultant - Clinical Psychologists Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Drug addiction affects people of all age group. Teens are at higher risk of developing an addiction when they are adults when they abuse drugs. It is necessary for teenagers to know the difference between drug abuse and addiction. Many of the teenagers try drugs but are not addicted to same as they may try the same due to peer pressure. In order to experiment with drug use, teenagers tend to get involved in drug addiction. It is very important to understand the psychology of teens why they want to experiment with drugs.

Prevention of drug use can help the problem to overcome the problem of drug abuse. Having good talks and setting a good example of drug abuse can also help you to prevent drug abuse.

Signs and Symptoms associated with Drug Abuse:

  • The most noticeable symptoms that commonly occur in teenagers with drug abuse affect the inner body working.
  • Changes in the appearance are the most observed.
  • Dilated and constricted pupils, glazed or bloodshot eyes, sudden weight changes, infections, bruises or any other physical signs at the site of drug administration site.
  • Changes in personality, dysfunctioning of heart and organ and disruption to normal brain functioning are the signs of long term drug abuse.
  • Different signs and symptoms occur based on the type of drug substance used for drug abuse.

How do drugs affect the brain?

Among teenagers drug abuse negatively affects the behavior and habits of teenagers as they become more dependent on the drug. Drugs affect the brain in such a way that it is not able to focus on coherent thoughts and the same alters brain activity. Behavioral symptoms which occur due to drug abuse include lethargy, depression, aggression, changes in personality and attitude, irritability, sudden social change, financial problems, changes in habits etc. are the common symptoms.

If parents recognize the physical and behavioral signs and symptoms of drug abuse in time, they can help the teenager get rid of drug abuse and addiction. Interventions are necessary for drug addiction. Consulting a psychiatrist for the same is essential.

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