Teens disregard warnings about sun exposure - Teens disregard warnings about sun exposure -

Teens disregard warnings about sun exposure

Teens disregard warnings about sun exposure

JWarning about sun exposure and its dangers have been shared among the public for many years. Too much of sun exposure can increase the risk of developing health-related issues which includes dilation of small blood vessels below the skin, benign tumors, destruction of elastic and collagen tissues, cancerous lesions etc.

Sunscreens are a must:

The biggest challenge for parents of teenagers is that unlike small children where parents apply sunscreen to their small kids, teenagers are the decision makers of using sunscreen or not. A teenager should understand the dangers of excessive sun exposure and also should understand the benefits of using sunscreen. Sunscreen lotion contains zinc; zinc has the ability to offer protection against UVA and UVB radiations. Sunscreen should be applied after every two hours because it goes out because of perspiration very quickly and also in case you are in the water.

Don’t opt for artificial tanning options:

Teenage girls feel that they look thinner and more attractive with tanned skin. Many teenager girls opt for spray tans, self-tanners etc. option to get tanned. Through these methods, they look tanned and it doesn’t even harm their skin. Teenagers think tanning will make them look better. Many kids think that by getting tanned they will look more athletic.

Make children understand the importance of Sunscreens:

In some studies, it was seen that there was a reduction of 12% of sunscreen users among teenagers over past 10 years. Many kids become rebellious with their parents, declining the influence of parents. When teenagers are warned about skin cancer, they do not take it seriously thinking that it won’t happen to them. Always make your child understand the benefits of using sunscreen and do not gang up for your child and repeat the message.

Paras Bliss Guraon
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