New Mom- taking care of yourself after birth -

New Mom- taking care of yourself after birth

New Mom- taking care of yourself after birth

by: Dr. Monica Agarwal
Sr. Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology - Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Postpartum period begins when you have given birth and ends after 6-8 weeks after delivery during which time the body is in healing mode. You undergo a lot of changes, learn a lot of things and bond with the baby. You and your family should take good care of you and the baby for a good recovery.

Important aspects to be considered Post Delivery:


It is the most important thing instrumental to the new mother’s recovery road. Age old golden rule is “sleep when the baby sleeps”.

  • You should concentrate only on feeding the baby and taking care of yourself. All other responsibilities should be handled by someone else.
  • You should excuse yourself whenever you feel either for a nap or feed the baby
  • Rest at this time is like a magic potion for your body, mind, and soul 


A balanced diet and adequate water intake are mandatory to sustain breastfeeding. You should concentrate on

  • Grains- Such as whole grains like wheat, rice (brown or white), oats, corn, barley.
  • Vegetables- Include lots of colored vegetables in your diet for proper vitamin and minerals
  • Fruits and nuts
  • Dairy products- You should take low fat to cater to your protein and calcium needs
  • Proteins- Include eggs, fish, nuts, peas, beans, legumes, dals, white meats
  • Supplements- Iron and calcium supplements should be taken properly for 3 months so that you or the baby do not develop any deficiency
  • While breastfeeding you may feel very thirsty and hence take lots of water, milk, fruit juice, lemon water, lassi, coconut water to quench the extra thirst.


It is necessary for the proper recovery of body and gains back the muscle tone which you had lost due to overstretching and poor posture. It also keeps a backache under control. Learn and practice Kegel’s exercises properly for your perineal health and avoid prolapse of uterus later on.

Other Post Delivery Measures:

  • Deep breathing exercise is important
  • Connect with nature
  • Talk to family, friends and take ample spouse support. It is normal to feel a bit low after delivery but seek help if there are crying or suicidal thoughts
  • Take massage to get pampered
  • Breast support and hygiene
  • Maintain hygiene- the Daily bath is good after a normal delivery. After LSCS you should take a daily bath once stitches are healed. Take care of your abdominal or vaginal scar properly. Hand washing should be properly. Use hygienic sanitary napkins. Tampons should be avoided

When is it important to see a doctor?

Keep a check for the given warning signs. If you experience any of the following, consult your gynecologist immediately:

  • Increased bleeding, clots, fever, burning while passing urine
  • Breast pain, severe headache, dizziness or fainting sensation
  • Difficulty in breathing, foul-smelling or pus discharge from the vagina or abdominal wound or breast,
  • Feeling depressed or incessant crying or suicidal thoughts

This is a time when the whole family is under a lot of stress and the lady of the house is not able to handle things, but with patience, family support and professional help you can sail through and come out in flying colors in this greatest test of life.

Paras Bliss Guraon
Paras Bliss Panchkula