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The Power of Touch – Infant Massage for newborns and infants

The Power of Touch – Infant Massage for newborns and infants

by: Dr. Mukesh Kumar
Consultant Paediatrician

Skin to skin contact between mother and baby as soon as the baby is born is very important. The act of touch, caring for the baby and soothing her or him by mother creates protected space around your baby. It is observed that a baby who is regularly touched, caressed by their parents than to become calmer, sleep better and show better brain development.

The feeling of the power of touch

Feeling of the power of touch begins even before the birth of the baby. Even in 8 weeks of gestation, the fetus is able to respond to the sensation of touch in-utero. In case of twins babies at 14 weeks, they start sucking their twin’s face and fingers and appear to be exploring their twin. Babies use their won touch and touch of others helps to soothe the baby when they enter a new environment.

A baby who gets separated from their mothers who are their source of nutrition and lack human touch show a negative impact on the baby. This includes a delay in growth and development, higher stress level, illness and issues with proper bonding and attachment with their caregivers.

Daily massage to your baby is a great way to bond

Infant massage gives many benefits to infants. Researchers believe that massage helps infants to sleep better, relieve colic and enhances the immune system of infants, motor skills, and intellectual development. Start massaging your baby when your baby is in the quiet and alert state, not immediately after feeding or when the baby is sleepy.

Once you start to give massage to your baby. It is up to you when and how often you are giving a massage. You should give your newborn daily massage. Infants enjoy the massage at night time as the massage soothes them a lot. Try to talk to your baby during the massage. You can sing a song and tell a story while giving massage to your newborn.

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