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Pregnancy is an important milestone in a woman’s life. Being responsible for a small life within you is life changing. Diet and nutrition in pregnancy is given the most importance and an expecting mother ends loading her system with all types of food items. However, post pregnancy each mother wants to shed the extra weight and get back to her old self. Post pregnancy women are being advised to do a number of exercises and routines to keep them healthy. However, it is best to be informed and work on some key aspects that can help you keep off the extra pounds.

Tips To Lose The Post Pregnancy Weight:

Making small, specific goals is the key for losing weight long-term. Here are some tips to lose weight:

  1. Watch your meal: First 3 months after pregnancy are crucial. Most of the weight management is being done during these times. Frequent low-calorie meals are advisable. As you are breastfeeding, hunger strikes are not an option for you. So one should take at least 5-6 small low-calorie meals, including fruits and nuts.
  2. Do the Correct Exercise: So after 15 days of post delivery, females should start exercising. A correct form of pelvic floor strengthening exercises and abdominal strengthening is required to reduce the waist line which bothers a lot.
  3. Regular Breastfeeding is a must: Promoting your breast feeding after 2 hours will help you to reduce weight. Extra calories are being utilized for milk production. Thus, it helps in reducing weight. It burns the extra calories. The amount of weight reduction that can be done with the breastfeeding may astonish you.
  4. Drinking Water is a Must: A correct amount of water is also required to be taken. It gives you a feeling of fullness and keeps you hydrated.
  5. Give Time to yourself: Don’t hurry up in losing weight. A crash diet or strenuous gyming could harm the body more than providing benefits. Give time to yourself to reduce weight. The weight gained over 9 months might take 4-6 months to reduce. So stay easy and eat properly.
  6. Dance to your heart’s delight: Dancing along with baby may help to enhance the bond between month and child, burns the calories uplift the mood and reduce the stress. Make a habit of tapping your own and your baby toes regularly.
  7. No Alcohol: Even though you have stopped breastfeeding, but having alcohol may creases the rate of weight reduction.
  8. Stay Motivated: Don’t give up. Though it might take some time, but just stay motivated. Every single effort will be paid off. May be little later but certainly for sure. Everybody has its own clock for weight gain and weight reduction. Believe in your body timings.
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