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Tips to follow to boost your chances of conceiving

Tips to follow to boost your chances of conceiving

by: Dr.Yash Bala
Director Obstetrics & Gynecology, Paras Bliss Panchkula

There are lots of myths and information available in free press, google, friends, family members regarding this topic. Unfortunately lots of the times the efforts to increase chances of conception lead to more stress and less conception.

If we look around in the society most conceptions take place in the segment of society which doesn’t have access/ time to read the so called ‘scientific knowledge’: the commonest cause of difficulty in conceiving in the plan to conceive. The educated, employed & career conscious couple want to plan & decide everything. They want to delay first pregnancy for many justified & un-justified reasons. Once they decide to have a baby they get impatient and stressed. Nature should be given its time & share. Single cycle pregnancy is just 15-20% however every couple who “plans” want success in the first cycle.

Life style disorders i.e. overweight, Diabetes & stress interfere with planning of pregnancy. The current jet set, fast food, social media addict generation finds it hard to accept the role of all these factors and hence difficult to change.

Pregnancy is a social event. The family gets involved and the stress increases further. Very early interventions increase the expectations and further stress a loop which becomes difficult to break.

A pre- conception counselling and check-up to pick up/treat diseases / disorders which might increase complications of pregnancy is desirable.

It is duty them of the treating gynaecologist to give a “tailor made”advice to the couple. One size does not fit all.

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