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Tips to Treating Acne Scars and Skin Damage

Tips to Treating Acne Scars and Skin Damage

There are millions of people who are suffering from acne. Acne can start from very young age or it can start as an adult. Acne is complicated as nobody can predict who has a chance to develop scars or who will have clear skin without any type of skin damage. Some patients have very few breakout of acne scars and some people may have extended acne and this acne heals without any problem in the skin. In recent times the treatment of acne scars has extended with latest and new technology advancements that are able to successfully treat the old scars.

There are many types of acne scars, a variety of treatment options are also present to treat the scar. Here are few types of scar treatment options available at dermatologist that can help you to get rid of your old scars:

  1. Fractional Resurfacing with CO2 laser: This treatment is an intensive and gives you a great skin with improved texture. Lasers vaporize the tiny columns of your skin tissues and the healing takes about a week and is accompanied by peeling. It is done once or twice. But during this treatment, you should be away from all social activities and work. Results are absolutely excellent and may take up to 6 months for to fully appear, as collagen keeps growing on the skin for months after the treatment.
  2. Vascular Lasers or Intense Pulsed Light: This treatment option is used where a patient had red spots that are about to form the scar. These light-based devices treatment can collapse the red vessels and make the skin look even more uniform and decreases the chances of formation of a permanent scar.
  3. Fractional Resurfacing: This treatment type helps in stimulating the formation of new collagen by heating tiny columns of the tissues without causing damage to the skin surface. This treatment is also known as a heating type or non-ablative. After the treatment sitting, mild redness and swelling appear on the skin which usually goes away in few days. This
  4. Microneedling:  This is the low-cost treatment option available apart from the laser. It is done by using a vibrating pen-like device fitted with a sterile tip that contains tiny needles. 30 minutes before the procedure a numbing cream is applied and then removed. Redness is experienced after the treatment and that disappears in few days and you can resume to your social work in few days.
  5. Superficial fillers: This treatment is best for someone who requires immediate treatment. New fillers are introduced that can replace high enough in the skin to get smooth and uniform looks spontaneously.

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