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Toothache can be a real torture for the children as well as the parents. It can be due to cavities or due to a new wisdom tooth. Here are some of the simple tips for your child’s toothache which can try at home before visiting to doctor.

Cute young four year old child holding her cheek with a toothache

What can cause toothache in a child?

  • It can be caused by food particles caught between the teeth.
  • Your child may perceive pain of ulcer on tongue, gums, or bites on tongue as tooth ache.
  • If it is associated with swelling, redness, fever it can be due to infection.
  • Tooth cavities also present as pain.
  • Sometimes sinus, ear infection and sore throat can also be perceived as tooth ache by your baby.
  • Dental injury can lead to broken or dislodgement of tooth can be a cause of pain.
  • New sprouting temporary or permanent tooth can cause pain

What to do when your child complains of toothache?

  • Ask your child where exactly it is hurting and since how long it is aching?
  • Examine his mouth cavity to look for any food particles sticking between two teeth, for any gum swelling, redness, ulcer, dislodgement of tooth, tooth cavities.
  • Give your child warm salt water and tell him to do ‘swish and spit’ if he is old enough to follow. If he is younger you can just say hold the water over the hurting tooth for some time.
  • For wedged food scrape, you can help him do the flossing around the hurting tooth. This can help remove the food particle but pain can last little longer. Sometimes simple brushing may help remove the food particle.
  • You can apply ice pack around the swelling and hurting tooth .and this will numb the area and your child will feel relieved.
  • You can give paracetamol or acetaminofen. Use appropriate dose and avoid use of aspirin.
  • For cavities and decay take your child to dentist as he may need decay removal or root canal therapy.

How can I prevent toothache of my child?

  • Make him brush regularly, atleast two times a day.
  • Give him healthy diet, avoid too much of sugary and sweetened drinks,candies.
  • Take him to a dentist regularly.

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